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Eclectic Music Lover - Single Review: “For Us All”

22 April 2024

The other day, while listening to the weekly Tweetcore Radio Hour music podcast, hosted by the inimitable Marc Schuster and available on the Audio Mirage Studios blog and elsewhere, one of the songs he played immediately jumped out at me. It’s not often I stand up and take notice when first hearing a song, but this one hit me right between the ears. At first, it sounded like it might be an old Oasis song I’d never heard, but I knew that couldn’t be right, as Marc plays only newer songs by lesser-known independent and unsigned artists. It turned out to be a song titled “For Us All“, by British artist Asgard Raven. With a name like that he sounded vaguely familiar, though I couldn’t quite remember where or when I’d learned of him. After doing a bit of digging, I found the interview Marc did with Asgard two years ago for his own blog Abominations, which I’d read. 

With a name Inspired by Norse mythology, Asgard Raven is the musical moniker of Joe Bickerton, a singer-songwriter and musician based in the southwest London suburbs. Drawing from an array of influences, including punk, rock, blues, folk and indie, as well as the music of some of his favorite acts like Midnight Preachers, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Embrace, Puddle of Mudd and the aforementioned Oasis, he plays a “melodic-anthemic” style of alternative rock reminiscent of 90s brit pop and rock, or as he put it in his interview with Marc, “anything with guitars in it to be honest“.

According to his bio, Joe learned to play guitar in the 1990s while posted in Cyprus during his time in the army. Inspired by Oasis and motivated by his distaste for radio music, he took his guitar everywhere, covering 90s classics all over the world while on deployments. During the early days of Covid lockdowns when he had plenty of time on his hands, he picked up his guitar again after a long hiatus, and began writing and recording songs inspired by his life experiences, “reminiscing on memories that we can all relate to“.

Raven records his music at Sunrise Sound Studio in Hampshire, where it’s produced by his frequent collaborator Marc Burford, of British rock band Echotape, and mixed by Mat Leppanen at the Animal Farm studio in London. He’s also had support from legendary Oasis manager Alan McGee, mentoring him around the direction of the project. He released his outstanding debut single “Until Another Day” in September 2021, and has followed with three more singles, his latest of which is “For Us All”, which he released on March 22nd. (He’s also uploaded an extensive number of excellent demo tracks worth checking out on Soundcloud.)

Raven calls “For Us All” “an energetic rock’n’roll song highlighting the challenges, barriers and loneliness people can often face when trying to get on in the world, especially if they don’t conform to the ’norm’. It looks at how we can’t always see when people are struggling, and how by being there we can support those we care about.” The song opens with a wonderful stomping drumbeat, which is soon joined by melodic rhythms and vibrant, multi-layered guitar work by Raven and Burford, featuring a lush array of reverb-soaked jangly, grungy and acoustic textures, accompanied by a driving bassline and outstanding drumming by Nathan Read. And not only does the music seem to channel Oasis, Raven’s vocals even sound a bit like Liam Gallagher’s here, his strong British accent shining through as he offers support to a friend who’s struggling: “The world can be a lonely place sometimes. And no one can see the pain behind your smileCome on my friend, lean on me. Take my hand, let it all be.

I like pretty much everything I’ve heard by Asgard Raven, and I think “For Us All” is his best song yet. I’m confident we can expect to hear lots more great music from this talented artist.

Reviewed by Jeff Archeluta


Beach House Magazine: “For Us All”

21 April 2024

Asgard Raven’s “For Us All” is a clear winner of 90s indie rock spirit, seamlessly woven with the jangle of classic guitars. This mid-tempo masterpiece perfectly depicts the spirit of a period, yet it is given a contemporary twist that is appealing to the modern audience. The song highlights the deep musical talent of Asgard Raven, developed during his military service.

His worldwide experiences give every line of his lyrics an air of credibility, thus, “For Us All” is not just a song, but a sincere trip. For me, this song is a beautiful combination of nostalgia and new energy, ideal for all who love good, deep rock music. 

Reviewed by Hayden Frear.


Indie Rock News: For Us All Review

16 April 2024

Hailing from the historic streets of Andover in the United Kingdom, ASGARD RAVEN, an emerging singer-songwriter, is crafting waves with his latest single, “For Us All.” Drawing upon the UK culture of indie rock, his male vocals bring a nostalgic kick that harks back to the ’90s rock era, yet manages to feel refreshingly modern. Echoing the greats like Oasis and Radiohead, his sound intertwines classic soft rock with indie melodic pop rock, a fusion that resonates deeply with a generation of listeners hungry for authenticity.

“If you’re seeking that classic sound with a contemporary twist, ASGARD RAVEN is your gateway,” enthuses a music curator from PopHits.Co. “For Us All” is not just a track; it’s an experience, a nuanced journey woven through the fabric of rock and Britpop melodies. This artist’s craft transcends the typical, casting a spell of rhythm and rhyme that’s irresistible.

Don’t just take my word for it. I invite you to delve into the realm of ASGARD RAVEN’s music. Check out his website, feel the pulse of his tunes on Spotify, follow his creative process on FacebookX, and watch his music come to life on YouTube. Like and listen to our curated playlist to fully immerse yourself in the indie rock revolution.

Reviewed by Will Lisil


Rock Era Magazine: For Us All by Asgard Raven

15 April 2024

The driving and dynamic grooves of ‘For Us All’, the latest release from Asgard Raven, make for an engulfing listening experience that calls to mind great adventures in the wilderness and countless sparks of nostalgia for simpler times.

Based in Andover, England, Asgard Raven is a blues singer and songwriter who excels at creating anthemic, blues-centered songs infused with Britpop rhythms and melodies, and ‘For Us All’ is a case in point. Asgard Raven learned to play guitar during his military time in Cyprus and has since been writing songs about life and love, and memories that he hopes his listeners can resonate with.

‘For Us All’ jangles with Raven’s overdriven cacophony of rhythm guitars. Everything from acoustic strums, overdriven riffs, atmospheric wails, and modulated mayhem, Raven’s army of guitars is warm, and powerful, and gives the song a massive sound. Delightfully, the song’s countless guitars are mixed in nicely enough to never once sound overpowering or crowding the mix. Instead, the song sounds like a bustling hive of activity, a sound that greatly benefits the song’s words and forward-moving grooves.

All in all, Asgard Raven proves with ‘For Us All’ that he knows how to write a memorable guitar part, play it, and mix it just right to play its part. A true veteran, Raven is effortlessly orchestrating his rowdy ensemble to all the right effects, creating a song that’s lush, invigorating, and energizing.

Reviewed by Moataz Gwaily 

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Senocular Media: Asgard Raven - "For Us All"

13 April 2024

 Andover, United Kingdom-based indie rock artist Asgard Raven unveils his new single “For Us All”. Asgard Raven is a dynamic singer/songwriter who exploded onto the scene in 2021 with the single “Until Another Day”. His latest release “For Us All” is a spectacular jam that blends elements of indie rock, power pop, and blues. Dusty guitars, groovy bass, and vivid drums immerse the listener in a dreamy soundscape. Hazy vocals present an introspective narrative told through various characters representing unique challenges faced in the world. The artist displays an inate ability to relate to the audience with captivating storytelling. Asgard Raven’s new single “For Us All” is wondrous rock hit and the perfect addition to any indie playlist. 

Reviewed by James Kerr

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The Musical Road: Rock/Review Asgard Raven - For Us All

11 April 2024

"For Us All," the most recent song by Asgard Raven, is an enthralling and majestic display of mid-tempo indie rock with a touch of nostalgia for the 1990s. Due to the song's catchy melodies and jangly guitars, it has received a lot of attention, leading to a radio debut with John Kennedy on Radio X, as well as backing from BBC Introducing Solent and Amazing Radio.

Asgard Raven is a musician from Andover, UK. He started out in the military and entertained troops all around the world while honing his guitar abilities. His varied upbringing gives him a distinctive viewpoint while creating songs, which he uses to create somber and reflective melodies that speak to the universal themes of tragedy, love, and life.

The pulsating beat of "For Us All" captivates listeners and prepares them for Asgard Raven's poignant tale. The sincere words of the song invite listeners to consider their own experiences by reminiscing about familiar recollections. A catchy but nostalgic sound that honors the influences of classic indie rock while keeping a new and fresh sensibility is produced by jangly guitars and a captivating vocal delivery.

The song's widespread popularity and Asgard Raven's deft songwriting are evidenced by its success on the radio. "For Us All" is a musical trip that embodies the spirit of indie rock with its contagious energy and poignant lyrics, delivering a genuine and profound emotional impact.

In conclusion, Asgard Raven's "For Us All" is a noteworthy track that exemplifies the musician's skill with music and narration. For fans of indie rock and alternative music alike, Asgard Raven's ability to combine catchy songs with reflective topics makes this single an absolute must-listen. "For Us All," which promises more powerful music to come, cedes Asgard Raven's spot in the independent music scene with its radio-friendly appeal and broad message.

​Reviewed by Kamil Bobin


The Indie Grid: Britpop Revivalist Releases 'For Us All'

11 April 2024

Hailing from Andover, UK, Asgard Raven brings a refreshing blend of nostalgic Britpop vibes and heartfelt lyricism in his latest release, ‘For Us All.’ Asgard’s musical journey traces back to his military days in Cyprus, where he first picked up the guitar. Influenced by the likes of Oasis, his disdain for mainstream pop fuelled his passion for authentic music. The onset of the Covid pandemic provided the perfect opportunity for Asgard to reconnect with his guitar and delve into the depths of songwriting, exploring themes of life, love, and tragedy with unwavering sincerity.
Pressing play on ‘For Us All,’ I’m immediately reminded of the track ‘Sit Down’ by James – classic! I think it’s the bounce of the drums. When the vocals come in, there are definite twangs of those pesky Gallagher brothers. However, that isn’t to take away from the singing; it’s very good and suits this style of track perfectly. Asgard has a solid voice! The song has a Britpop vibe – never a bad thing and something I’m seeing more and more of these days at TIG. Is a revival on the cards? I hope so because essentially, Britpop is just quality songwriting dressed up with a label. And, I’m all for quality songwriting! 
Anyway, I digress; there are some nice electric guitar licks between the vocals and acoustic patterns that give off a very Oasis vibe – double bends, etc. And, there’s a nice acoustic strumming away, a bass solidly plonking as it should be, and tight drums tying it all together.
The verses sail along nicely and the move into the chorus is smooth… but the melody in the chorus is stunning! Some really nice little hooks in there that I can imagine a crowd singing along to. There’s a definite ear for melody right here! The only slight niggle I have is that the chorus doesn’t come quite quick enough. It’s not a major problem because the chorus is worth waiting for, but, at 39 seconds it would have been perfectly placed – half way through the verse (or, second verse depending how you view it). However, we are kept waiting until about 1 minute 8 seconds to hear it. I know, it’s only another 30-odd seconds… but, out of a 4-minute track that’s about 12%. It might not sound much but if someone told you a 12% pay rise was on the cards how would you feel? Anyhoo, the chorus is fab and this is the merest of quibbles 
Some little dynamic touches throughout verse 2 and back into the chorus maintain interest, and, a nice guitar solo leads us into the chorus to finish. For all intents and purposes, this is a solid mid-tempo rumble of jangly guitars and ’90s indie rock sensibilities… (Asgard’s words not mine)… and, it’s done brilliantly well (my words).
In its lyrics, the song sheds light on the common challenges, barriers, and feelings of loneliness that people often face as they navigate life, especially when they don’t conform to societal expectations. It underscores the reality that we may not always recognise when others are going through difficult times and emphasises the significance of being there to support those we care about. This optimism is at the heart of Asgard’s music in general, spreading positivity to listeners – and that really comes through in this track.
‘For Us All’ is a top outing, and I’ll be listening to this and other tracks a lot more by Asgard moving forward. It’s no wonder the song got its radio premiere with John Kennedy of Radio X and support from Amazing Radio as well as BBC Introducing Solent.
Nice work! 
Reviewed by Matt Warren


Mystic Sons - Asgard Raven unveils new single 'For Us All'

11 April 2024

Following on from the rapturous response to his much-loved comeback single 'Light Of My Life' earlier this year, UK-based singer-songwriter Asgard Raven is back on the grind once again with his uplifting new offering 'For Us All'.
Bringing back more of that rich and shimmering Britpop-inspired groove he is quickly earning a reputation for, 'For Us All' makes for a brilliantly warm and inviting listen. With his captivating vocal performance spread across a swaggering indie-rock production throughout, he returns to the fold with one of his most memorable efforts to date here.
While he may only have a handful of releases to his name right now, 'For Us All' shows he is still brimming with plenty of fresh and immersive ideas in which to explore. With such a firm and confident approach to his songwriting once again, we can't wait to hear what he comes back with next.
Reviewed by Chris Bound, Mystic Sons


Indie Music Flix reviews For Us All

10 April 2024

The latest single by Asgard Raven, “For Us All,” embodies a vibrant fusion of Garage Rock and Brit Pop, creating a sonic landscape that captivates from the first chord. The track opens with jangly guitar chords that immediately evoke a sense of nostalgia, reminiscent of the heyday of Brit Pop in the early 90s. As the song progresses, the listener is treated to a catchy chorus turnaround that harks back to the anthemic sound of bands like Oasis, infusing the track with an infectious energy that is impossible to resist.
What truly sets “For Us All” apart is its meticulous attention to detail in the mix. The carefully crafted stereo field creates a rich and immersive listening experience, with each instrument finding its place in the sonic tapestry. Special mention must be made of the vocal harmonies, which are expertly layered to complement the electric guitar riffs perfectly, adding depth and texture to the overall sound.
This song would feel right at home in the indie music scene, seamlessly blending elements of Garage Rock and Brit Pop to create a fresh and distinctive sound. It’s the kind of track that could soundtrack the climactic scene of a Drama Comedy, adding a layer of emotional depth and energy to the moment. Picture it featured in films like “The Big Sick” or “Guardians of the Galaxy,” enhancing the on-screen drama with its infectious melody and undeniable charm.
Asgard Raven, led by singer and songwriter Joe, draws inspiration from his experiences during deployments in the Army, infusing his music with raw emotion and authenticity. Produced by Marc Burford of Echotape and mixed by Mat Leppanen at the Animal Farm studio in London, their music reflects a diverse range of influences, resulting in a sound that is both timeless and contemporary. With “For Us All,” Asgard Raven continues to establish themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the indie-rock scene, leaving listeners eagerly anticipating what they’ll bring to the table next.


AFX Radio London: An epic, mid tempo rumble of jangly guitars and 90s indie rock

10 April 2024

Asgard Raven, an indie rock artist from the south of England who honed his craft while serving in the Army, released his latest single, "For Us All.” Recorded in Hampshire, UK, and produced by Marc Burford of Echotape fame, "For Us All" showcases Raven's fresh and distinctive style.
Raven's lyrics offer a visual storytelling take on life's journey, imbued with themes of hope and resilience. Through introspective verses and painted imagery, Raven invites listeners to contemplate the universal experiences of loss, longing, and loneliness. "For Us All" delves into the complexities of human emotion, sharing a message that can be best summed up by how we as a society can feel better when we lean on each other and find connection.
With an uptempo acoustic guitar riff and energetic drum groove, the song starts by setting the stage for a dynamic track. As the vocals take center stage, the song's layers gradually unfold, creating a harmonious soundscape that is both easygoing and captivating.
With well-crafted melodies and uplifting choruses, "For Us All" delivers a clean and polished track.
Inspired by classic rock and pop, "For Us All" retains a charming, nostalgic sound reminiscent of the sound within indie rock groups in the 90s. The addition of lead guitars adds depth and energy to the song while the mixing and mastering creates a well-balanced sound. Raven’s vocals shine through with clarity, while the instruments create an expansive atmosphere. As the song comes to a close, its unique energy leaves audiences hitting repeat.
"For Us All" is just the beginning for Asgard Raven, who continues to push the boundaries of his artistry. As he continues to release music, listeners can expect more uplifting music from this talented indie rock artist.
Reviewed by Grace


Tape Ranger, Artist Spotlight: Asgard Raven

09 April 2024

"For Us All", the latest single from U.K.-based artist, Asgard Raven, is a beautifully crafted new tune that features uplifting vocal work over a poppy and well-produced instrumental. We added the single to our Indie & Alternative Rock playlist on Spotify.


mesmerized  - For Us All in review

09 Apr 24

‘For Us All’ is a record that takes you by surprise. At first, you might not think much of it – standard Brit-pop and elegant rock stylings drenched in relatable lyricism. As the track goes on though, we were pleasantly surprised by the intensity and the eclectic sonic research that informs the chorus so positively. 
Balanced between Oasis and The Beatles, ‘For Us All’ simply pursues its own path, showcasing Asgard Raven’s nuanced artistry and lyrical sensibility. Having learned to play guitar in the military, Raven’s live experience is certainly unique and quirky, yet highly meaningful. Being in war theatres and military bases around the world must give him a specific perspective on life, something that is then mirrored in his records, including ‘For Us All’. 
Celebrated by the likes of Radio X, Amazing Radio and BBC Introducing, Asgard Raven will resonate with mature listeners – nominally everyone in their 30s. Although when the music is that good, there’s no telling where it might end up…
Reviewed by Gabriel Mazza, mesmerized.


Lost In The Manor Rock Picks

09 April 2024

UK-based indie rock musician Asgard Raven brings you a timeless, emotive soundscape with an important message. With a nostalgic 90’s Brit rock and pop feel, the music comes alive with a galloping drum rhythm, bright open acoustic strums, lush guitar riffs, and the expressive vocal performance of Asgard Raven. The song is decorated with stunning solos with a punk, rock, blues appeal and rousing harmonies, all of which add more layers of depth and dynamism to the music. There is almost an infectious, anthemic quality to the sounds, and Asgard Raven’s sincere and bold vocal performance heightens this feel. For Us All is a soul-stirring rock gem from Asgard Raven, one that belongs in your playlist. Listen to For Us All by Asgard Raven here!


Sinusoidal Music - For Us All: Indie rock with a pop twist

03 April 2024

Recorded in Hampshire in the UK and produced by Marc Burford of Echotape fame, Asgard Raven’s style is fresh and unique, and this is evident from the opening notes of “For Us All”. The song starts out with an uptempo acoustic guitar riff coupled with a steady, high-energy drum groove that fits into the mix perfectly. As the vocals take over, the soundscape widens and the various layers forming bit by bit of the harmony make themselves known to the listener. The melodic writing here is easygoing, laid-back, and relaxing to listen to. The chorus parts bring the energy up just the right amount to inject some more pizzazz into the mix, and the result is a clean, well-executed track.

The production takes elements from classic rock and pop, retaining a charming, nostalgic sound straight out the 90s— which is a good thing, especially with the lead guitars coming in for the solo towards the end of the song. The electrics bring in their signature energy and mannerisms excellently, and the contrast of energy, while palpable, is a pleasure to listen to. As the song draws to a close, there’s atmosphere to look forward to as you click rewind and replay.

The mixing and mastering is solid, and gets the basics right— with great dynamics control, and vocals that do not find themselves lost in any part of the song; the instruments sit wide and create an expansive atmosphere with good amounts of precision in the mix, and the reverbs and delays fill in the gaps quite nicely. 

All in all, “For Us All”, by Asgard Raven: A joy to listen to. We’re chuffed for what’s to come next out of their studio! 

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Recording Artists Guild review Light of My Life

27 January 2024

Light of My Life was quite beautifully woven! This had a wonderful honesty to it that showed a lot of character and it felt moving and cinematic with the strings. Great track!


Music News Monthly: In Review, Asgard Raven Light of My Life’

25 January 2024

Indie-rocker Asgard Raven is back with his latest single 'Light of My Life'. The track features real strings, and superb vocals by Marc Burford whose voice perfectly compliments Asgard Raven's writing style. The strings definitely add an extra, subtle layer to the track which elevates it to another level. 

The theme of the 'Light of My Life' is one of how love and support from loved ones can help guide you through hard times. The lyrics are thought provoking and heartfelt and I am sure most people will be able to identify with the track. 

A positive and uplifting performance that is definitely worth your time. Asgard Raven recorded the track at Sunrise Sound Studios in the UK and the it will be released on 26th of January via London based label The Animal Farm.

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Music Drops.jpg

The Drops Blog

Rollercoaster review

The opening verse of this tune comes out all patriotic and patriotism has no place on this site. We're not interested if you think God loves your country!
But then by the time the chorus comes in on a wave, it is almost transcendental. Lyrically the singer brings the song back and we learn the opening gambit is almost tongue in cheek and self effacing. Asgard is going to blow a hole in the sky and reach out into the stars.
We previously reviewed Spiritualized and it is coincidental that we stumbled on this track on our feed as it is music the spacemen would be probably very proud of and may have inspired in this bunch. I have found another single from the "band" (solo artist) and it is similarly inspired by another British genre but if you chart a projection, musically Asgard Raven sound promising.
4 Stars

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HSB logo_edited.jpg

Heart Shaped Box

Rollercoaster Review

This song is definitely not to be confused with Ronan Keating’s 2000 hit ‘Life is a Rollercoaster’ . Far from the soft tempo pop tune , former military man, Asgard Raven offers his second single ‘Rollercoaster’ which will be release Friday 28th January 2022.
The distorted guitar, compliments the the regimental indie rock tempo that brings a very nostalgic 90s early Oasis feel .
The Message of the song is delivered in beautiful subtle vocals that deliverer a touch of sunshine when the clouds are covering the sky.

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Music News Monthly

Rollercoaster Review by David Weddle

Asgard Raven has made a triumphant return with the brand new second single "Rollercoaster".
Starting off with a chilled acoustic guitar, Asgard Raven talks about the ups and downs of modern living. Inspirational, emotive lyrics which are ultimately promoting a positive outlook even when times are tough, something that most people can identify with.

Packed full of stunning vocal harmonies with a solid beat throughout, the track is reminiscent of Oasis during their "Definitely Maybe" days but still feels fresh and new.

Asgard Raven treats the listener to a glorious guitar solo three-quarters of the way through, which is a real treat. The production is first class, you can tell that a lot of time and effort has gone into creating the best possible sound.
The track is definitely radio ready and would be a great addition to any playlist.

This is Asgard Raven's second single, and they seem to be going from strength to strength in both the songwriting and musical composition.
It is a great track and it is available to stream right now wherever you stream your music. Why not treat yourself to a little extra and give Asgard Raven's debut single a listen as well? You won't be disappointed.

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sp10pod Music Review blog

Rollercoaster Review

Asgard Raven is not yet a household name. However, this UK indie-rock artist could become that upcoming artist that you heard before anybody else.

His upcoming release is due out on the 28th January and has all the potential to be his best song yet. The track, “Rollercoaster”, explores a lot of themes we were all likely experiencing as we entered the new year. Getting what you want from life, no matter the reasons to not bother or all the excuses you may face. Life’s a Rollercoaster and channelling your inner Keating, “you’ve just got to ride it”.

However, Boyzone is not the influence of this song. Immediately, when listening to this track, you can see the influence Oasis manager Alan McGee had on Raven’s music when mentoring him on this project. The Brit-pop, 90s guitar twang is the driver of this track and it sounds superb. You’re then greeted by some gritty, reverb beach vocals that ring out clearly and complement the instrumentation perfectly. This is polished, a man who knows his sound and how to get the most out of it.

The lyrics are great. They’re real and will speak out to many, no matter your background or situation. It’s a rallying cry from a man pushing you to be your best. And all of this brilliantness is teamed with an amazing quality of production, highlighted perfectly in the instrumental break which screams early Oasis.

The track drops in 28th January and I implore you to get listening to it on that Friday, it’s a cracker. In the mean time, make sure to find Asgard Raven on your socials and check out his debut single “Until Another Day” to get a flavour of what’s to come!

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Music News Monthly Magazine

Until Another Day review by David Weddle

The tragic loss of a close friend in Afghanistan has inspired Asgard Raven to pen a stunning rock track 'Until Another Day'.
The song deals with unexpected grief beautifully, capturing the thoughts and emotions experienced during the hardest of moments.

Don't be fooled into thinking this is just a sad song all about loss, it is also a tribute to good times remembered which is reflected well in the upbeat tempo of the track.

'Until Another Day' is a stark warning to not take life for granted. Embrace what you have while you have it.
A great track musically and lyrically and one that will be getting played again and again.

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Roadie Metal Magazine

Creative Synergy - Until Another Day review

The British Alternative Rock band released their debut single "Until Another Day" on September 20th. With pleasant melodies, and good weight, it is without a doubt a beautiful debut work, suitable for British rock fans.

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