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Asgard Raven

Asgard Raven is an Indie-rock artist from the south of England, UK.

Producing songs born from his experiences during deployments in the Army and influenced by his love of extreme sports, Joe (singer and songwriter) has taken the next step towards bringing them to life and releasing them to the public. Drawing on many musical influences including punk, rock, blues and indie music, he produces a unique landscape of sound reminiscent of early 90s Brit pop and rock records.

Asgard Ravens' debut album is currently being recorded at Sunrise Sound Studio in Hampshire, produced by Marc Burford of Echotape. They have also had support from legendary Oasis manager Alan McGee, mentoring Joe around the direction of the project.

Singles ‘Until Another Day’ and ‘Rollercoaster’ are out on all major streaming and download platforms now, with the next release to follow later this year. 

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