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Asgard Raven

Indie blues mastermind Asgard Raven could make even the smallest room feel like a stadium with his anthemic brit-pop infused tunes thumping through any set of speakers. Optimism is at the heart of his sound, spreading positivity and soul to listeners, often requiring a level of introspection when entwined in the layers of electric guitars and booming drums. Raven can also show his softer side when wants to, turning his thoughts to love and reflection.Raven learnt to play guitar when posted in Cyprus during his time in the army. Inspired by Oasis and motivated by the distaste of radio music, he took his guitar everywhere, covering 90s classics all over the world when he was on deployments. It was not until the early days of Covid that Raven would pick up his guitar again and start to write and record serious songs about life, love, and tragedy, reminiscing on memories that we can all relate to. Collaborating with his producer, Marc Burford, and drummer Nathan Read, Raven has been able to bring his heartfelt creations to life.Producing a style that could be described as melodic-anthemic music, with indie folk nuances, Raven’s music can be adored by those attached to the sound of the Gallagher brothers, Midnight Preachers, and Lennie Rayen. Faithful to his motto, “It’s never too late”, Raven believes his sound can be appreciated by audiences all over the world, as proven by Radio X DJ John Kennedy’s statement about his previous song – Rollercoaster, where he described it as “a timeless classic”. This clearly demonstrates the relevance that his music has on any listener today, providing elements of nostalgia evocative of the 90s indie rock sound, whilst still delivering a modern blues flare to the mix.

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