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Music Mass

David - Music News Monthly Magazine

The tragic loss of a close friend in Afghanistan has inspired Asgard Raven to pen a stunning rock track 'Until Another Day'.
The song deals with unexpected grief beautifully, capturing the thoughts and emotions experienced during the hardest of moments.

Don't be fooled into thinking this is just a sad song all about loss, it is also a tribute to good times remembered which is reflected well in the upbeat tempo of the track.

'Until Another Day' is a stark warning to not take life for granted. Embrace what you have while you have it.
A great track musically and lyrically and one that will be getting played again and again.

Power Chord

Roadie Metal Magazine

The British Alternative Rock band released their debut single "Until Another Day" on September 20th. With pleasant melodies, and good weight, it is without a doubt a beautiful debut work, suitable for British rock fans.


Joe B

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