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Asgard Raven

UK Indie Rock Band


Asgard Raven is an Indie-rock artist from the south of England, UK.

Producing songs born from his experiences during deployments in the Army and influenced by his love of extreme sports, Joe (singer and songwriter) has taken the next step towards bringing them to life and releasing them to the public. Drawing on many musical influences including punk, rock, blues and indie music, he produces a unique landscape of sound reminiscent of early 90s Brit pop and rock records.

Asgard Ravens' music is recorded at Sunrise Sound Studio in Hampshire, produced by Marc Burford of Echotape. 

New single Light of My Life is out on all major streaming and download platforms now, with another four tracks scheduled for release this year. 

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Light of My Life

Light of My Life is a heartfelt acoustic love song with Marc Burford on vocals and with real strings, and focuses on how the love and support from someone can carry you through the hard times and lift you up to achieve your dreams. 

It also talks about how difficult it can be to tell someone how you feel and how much you value them, even though it’s not always easy for them to always be there for you. 

It was mostly recorded in Sunrise Sound Studios in the UK, with the strings done remotely.

Released 26 Jan 24 through The Animal Farm record label. 



An upbeat and anthemic song about striving for what you want in life, despite the numerous reasons not to even try. 

Released 28 Jan 22


Until Another Day

This rock’n’roll song is a tribute to a close friend from my Regimental skydiving team, who was killed in Afghanistan in January 2008. 

I’ve tried to capture the unpredictable nature of life, how we take for granted the things we know and love.

Released 20 Sept 21. 

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Latest News & Updates


Andover Radio supports local artist

30 Jan 24

New Single Released

26 Jan 24


First Preview on Radio X

06 Jan 24

New Music Coming Soon!!

01 December 23


New Drummer Joins The Band

12 September 23

Back In The Studio

04 July 23

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Latest Reviews


Music News Monthly

Indie-rocker Asgard Raven is back with his latest single 'Light of My Life'. The track features real strings, and superb vocals by Marc Burford whose voice perfectly compliments Asgard Raven's writing style. The strings definitely add an extra, subtle layer to the track which elevates it to another level. 

The theme of the 'Light of My Life' is one of how love and support from loved ones can help guide you through hard times. The lyrics are thought provoking and heartfelt and I am sure most people will be able to identify with the track. 

A positive and uplifting performance that is definitely worth your time. Asgard Raven recorded the track at Sunrise Sound Studios in the UK and the it will be released on 26th of January via London based label The Animal Farm.

Music Drops.jpg

The Drops Blog

The opening verse of this tune comes out all patriotic and patriotism has no place on this site. We're not interested if you think God loves your country!
But then by the time the chorus comes in on a wave, it is almost transcendental. Lyrically the singer brings the song back and we learn the opening gambit is almost tongue in cheek and self effacing. Asgard is going to blow a hole in the sky and reach out into the stars.
We previously reviewed Spiritualized and it is coincidental that we stumbled on this track on our feed as it is music the spacemen would be probably very proud of and may have inspired in this bunch. I have found another single from the "band" (solo artist) and it is similarly inspired by another British genre but if you chart a projection, musically Asgard Raven sound promising.
4 Stars

HSB logo_edited.jpg

Heart Shaped Box

This song is definitely not to be confused with Ronan Keating’s 2000 hit ‘Life is a Rollercoaster’ . Far from the soft tempo pop tune , former military man, Asgard Raven offers his second single ‘Rollercoaster’ which will be release Friday 28th January 2022.
The distorted guitar, compliments the the regimental indie rock tempo that brings a very nostalgic 90s early Oasis feel .
The Message of the song is delivered in beautiful subtle vocals that deliverer a touch of sunshine when the clouds are covering the sky.


Music News Monthly

Asgard Raven has made a triumphant return with the brand new second single "Rollercoaster".
Starting off with a chilled acoustic guitar, Asgard Raven talks about the ups and downs of modern living. Inspirational, emotive lyrics which are ultimately promoting a positive outlook even when times are tough, something that most people can identify with.

Packed full of stunning vocal harmonies with a solid beat throughout, the track is reminiscent of Oasis during their "Definitely Maybe" days but still feels fresh and new.

Asgard Raven treats the listener to a glorious guitar solo three-quarters of the way through, which is a real treat. The production is first class, you can tell that a lot of time and effort has gone into creating the best possible sound.
The track is definitely radio ready and would be a great addition to any playlist.

This is Asgard Raven's second single, and they seem to be going from strength to strength in both the songwriting and musical composition.
It is a great track and it is available to stream right now wherever you stream your music. Why not treat yourself to a little extra and give Asgard Raven's debut single a listen as well? You won't be disappointed.


sp10pod Music Review blog

Asgard Raven is not yet a household name. However, this UK indie-rock artist could become that upcoming artist that you heard before anybody else.

His upcoming release is due out on the 28th January and has all the potential to be his best song yet. The track, “Rollercoaster”, explores a lot of themes we were all likely experiencing as we entered the new year. Getting what you want from life, no matter the reasons to not bother or all the excuses you may face. Life’s a Rollercoaster and channelling your inner Keating, “you’ve just got to ride it”.

However, Boyzone is not the influence of this song. Immediately, when listening to this track, you can see the influence Oasis manager Alan McGee had on Raven’s music when mentoring him on this project. The Brit-pop, 90s guitar twang is the driver of this track and it sounds superb. You’re then greeted by some gritty, reverb beach vocals that ring out clearly and complement the instrumentation perfectly. This is polished, a man who knows his sound and how to get the most out of it.

The lyrics are great. They’re real and will speak out to many, no matter your background or situation. It’s a rallying cry from a man pushing you to be your best. And all of this brilliantness is teamed with an amazing quality of production, highlighted perfectly in the instrumental break which screams early Oasis.

The track drops in 28th January and I implore you to get listening to it on that Friday, it’s a cracker. In the mean time, make sure to find Asgard Raven on your socials and check out his debut single “Until Another Day” to get a flavour of what’s to come!


Music News Monthly Magazine

The tragic loss of a close friend in Afghanistan has inspired Asgard Raven to pen a stunning rock track 'Until Another Day'.
The song deals with unexpected grief beautifully, capturing the thoughts and emotions experienced during the hardest of moments.

Don't be fooled into thinking this is just a sad song all about loss, it is also a tribute to good times remembered which is reflected well in the upbeat tempo of the track.

'Until Another Day' is a stark warning to not take life for granted. Embrace what you have while you have it.
A great track musically and lyrically and one that will be getting played again and again.

Power Chord

Roadie Metal Magazine

The British Alternative Rock band released their debut single "Until Another Day" on September 20th. With pleasant melodies, and good weight, it is without a doubt a beautiful debut work, suitable for British rock fans.


Recording Artists Guild review Light of My Life

Light of My Life was quite beautifully woven! This had a wonderful honesty to it that showed a lot of character and it felt moving and cinematic with the strings. Great track!

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Asgard Raven - Until Another Day official music video

Asgard Raven - Until Another Day official music video

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